For supplied artwork, we kindly require one of the following VECTOR GRAPHIC formats we can edit:

Our team uses Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud

Preferred file types are: .ai, .eps, and .pdf

Please ensure that all images are embedded within the file and that the text has been converted to outlines (alternatively please supply font files along with the artwork files).

Use of Images

Please ensure all images are embedded within your artwork before emailing us your files. If you are unable to, please include your images as separate files in your email (.jpg, .psd, .tif, .jpeg, .bmp). High resolution images provide higher quality artwork.

Use of Large or Multiple files

If you are supplying large and/or multiple files that are more than 100MB, please consider uploading your files to DropBox and emailing us the link to access these files.

A Note about Fonts

Due to rapid development and many variations in font design technology, fonts purchased from different suppliers are not fully interchangeable, even if they share the same name.

We would kindly appreciate if you provide all fonts associated with your order, or, if your artwork does not contain a large amount of text, please convert all text to outlines (paths/curves). Of course, retaining fill, line and colour specifications etc. where necessary.